One Lovely (absent-minded) Blog (ger)

Exactly one month ago mommyverbs nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award.


My first thought was “oh! I got an award!” and then “but what does it mean?” and then “I should google it or something so I don’t look out of touch” and finally “but first I’ll make cookies. Mmmm cookies.”

So then I forgot until…erm…yesterday.

Apparently this award is kind of like a really nice chain letter that helps us discover each others’ blogs. First, I must thank mommyverbs for her nomination.


Now I’m supposed to tell you seven things you don’t know about me.

1. I get annoyed when people say “literally” but I often say it myself because I’m “literally” a hypocrite.

2. I don’t have cable. A lot of people don’t have cable because they “hate” TV. I don’t have cable because I love TV. Particularly bad TV. When I had cable I would be mesmerized for hours watching What Not to Wear and Project Runway and Cupcake Wars and Cake Boss and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge….And just when I thought it was safe another marathon of Nanny 911 and oh! Sister Wives is on!  

3. 9 out of 10 times I get dressed I coordinate my underwear so that it matches my outfit. I don’t really do this on purpose and usually only notice it afterwards.

4. When I’m really tired I tend to forget to take my socks of before showering.

5. Some people have a phone that reminds them of things they have to do or they write down errands on a slip of paper. I prefer to write my to do list on my wrist in pen. It’s pretty much the only way I won’t forget to do a thing.

6. I think it’s hilarious when children act like adults. Particularly when they use formal or advanced vocabulary.

7. I once (or several times) ate an entire pizza.

And now for something completely different.

Fifteen fellow bloggers who I think are pretty awesome too.

I now nominate thee for the One Lovely Blog Award:

1. learnnutritionwithme for her always informative nutrition articles.

2.  the living notebook for his insightfullness.

3. clotildajamcracker for being a funny—.

4. FLASHLIGHT CITY BULBS for his poetry.

5. Leanne Cole Photography for the eye candy.

6. Word Blurb for her genre expertise.

7. Nhan-Fiction for the inspiration.

8. iGameMom for loving video games as much as I do.

9. Make Something Mondays! for her love of craftiness.

10. L-Jay Health for being a veggie-saur whole food loving athlete.

11. Break Room Stories because I’ve been there.

12. cancerkillingrecipe for being the first ever person (not related to me) to comment on my blog.

13. The Whole Geek for thinking one of my articles was so good that he re-blogged it.

14. carcabone because she makes me giggle.

15. Real Horror Fiction because she’s a wunderkind.


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2 responses to “One Lovely (absent-minded) Blog (ger)”

  1. Leanne Cole says :

    Congratulations on your award, and thank you so much for nominating me.

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